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About us


Önkéntes Diakóniai Év Programiroda (ÖDE) provides opportunities for you to do voluntary service in both social and educational organisations and churches in Hungary and abroad. It is supported by the Reformed Church in Hungary and also the European Voluntary Service Programme.

Volunteering with ÖDE gives you a unique chance to help others, to grow personally and spiritually, and to gain unforgettable experiences. You will have an opportunity to develop new skills and put them into practice. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to learn a new language and experience different cultures.

ÖDE Programme office is member of the EDYN Network and accredited organisation for the European Voluntary Service Programme (EVS).

In our work we follow God’s call to accompany, encourage and challenge each other in our faith journeys. We provide opportunities for young adult volunteers with a call in their heart to serve God and people in need. Through a cross-cultural journey they can learn about themselves, about the world in which they live and also about God, who transforms lives.


Our colleagues

Závodi Emese programvezető

Závodi Emese

programvezető, református lelkész


Az ÖDÉ programvezetője vagyok, 1997 óta foglalkozom az önkéntes diakóniai év szervezésével. Feladatom az iroda működésének koordinálása, az önkéntességgel kapcsolatos szervezési feladatok irányítása, a program lelki hátterének alakítása, valamint a mindennapi koordinációban is.

Mottóm: Hiszek, az önkéntes szolgálat életeket formáló erejében. Az önkéntes szolgálat nemcsak egy fizikai utazás egy másik országba, hanem egy lelki „utazás” is, mely során tanulunk magunkról, a világról és Istenről is, aki életeket formál.

volunteer coordinator

I have contact with the volunteers before their service starts and I follow them until their re-entry seminar. I also support those volunteers who are serving in Hungary. I do also administrative tasks in the office as well. I am glad to keep contact with placements and mentors.

tender coordinator

I do the administrative tasks just like writing, accounting  and transacting tenders.


Ciao! I am Annamaria, an Italian volunteer at ÖDÉ office. I am a socio-cultural mediator, with several experiences dealing with different target groups. Here, I support young people in their learning process as volunteers in an International environment and I’m active in the daily life at ÖDÉ. I am a flamenco dancer, too and an expert in non verbal communication tools.

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